This is a warm story full of possibility. Much is based upon my experience sailing around the So Pacific for 5 of my 14 years, sailing one place or another... mostly single handed. Four of my seven screenplays were written in Am. Samoa, so I do have a sense of things in the area and how things work so to speak... Starting a screenplay, I usually hit from no-where with an instant spark of an idea for Me , like my sailing, spontaneous adventure...Back in1965 I was graduating from College, the Beach Boys the thing. I had a job at the N.Y. World’s Fair, a host for Chrysler Corporation. My aunt and uncle lived right on the beach in Long Island, I often stayed there after graduation and drove my British TR-3 open top sports car perfect for my surfboard, even a time or too to the Fair with little more than sandals and baggies, the Beach Boys blaring on the radio…flashing my employment pass, showering up before putting on my uniform. Not to forget my first Surfboard “It was a longboard 10ft 2” the Beach Boys would sing about their 9-5 board. The name of my Board was TOES ON THE NOSE” I even remember being in the store... not a surf shop, East Coast, the activity, not that big yet. Why I write this… the name became an important part to the story. My intention is not to embarrass anyone I figure it has tradeoffs. All my Screenplays seem a part of my experience one way or another. YEAH That's me with the shades making balloon animals and handing out candy on Am. Samoa at the Library. The auto above, Paid 1200 dollars 1963 earned working after classes. "The only car I ever loved"

The story opens with George Driswell retiring US Senator known for his Ethical political philosophy, servant of the People not Special Interests.  Marie apprises him to what’s going on in the family and Christmas preparations. JERRI his nephew is almost 14, slightly retarded, he’s home schooled, has this part time job at Moe’s Submarines. JERRI has been fired; he can’t remember how to make the variations of the sandwiches; but, Moe admits somehow, his Hamburgers are fantastic. JERRI tells his customers, he calls them The Big Kahoona.. Moe tells Jerri he’s overqualified for the job, and should seek a job as a Hamburger Consultant. Stanley Blackwell a friend of JERRI gets from JUDY, JERRI’s mother, and George’s younger sister, an old 33 and a third record. George’s Acappella group when he was an undergrad student At Georgetown University in DC many years ago... Stanley had it remastered and put on a USB stick... George the lead singer of a popular tune in his day, RUNAROUND SUE...The group is really good EMILY, George’s niece, a junior at Georgetown, tells Uncle George... all the students at Georgetown were  waving "GOTTA GO" to her from his parting speech…after his song goes around campus, as an alumni many years back…” George is now a ROCK STAR all over the INTERNET, forgotten overnight as a reactionary Senator… ELLIOT a high powered, well connected attorney, longtime friend, tells George, , maybe go fishing on a Tropical Island.... Elliot, to George (LOL) Forget your long service as a politician, you are now a Rock Star to a different young generation and laughs Tim Ba Ba.. Tim Ba Ba (Elliot was part of the back up)

Elliot tells him there is a small Island, a neglected US Territory, about 150 miles So. Of Am. Samoa, You are well liked and all DC wish you the best, (and laughing) like to get rid of you. There is some corruption that is holding this poor Island back…Most of the inhabitants join the US military, never exceeding the rank of corporal, do their 20 years cleaning toilets and retiring… The young people, beautiful beaches cannot even swim…They hardly can read in high school, the lunch program, the kids rather go out and eat; It’s corrupt, a mess. The job has your name all over it.

It’s Christmas time at George’s N.J. Beach House…George, Marie, Judy husband John the two kids Emily and JERRI who thinks nothing more than Surfing and the fact he’s now a Hamburger Consultant, EMILY a real Fox…Marie her Aunt , “The girl all mixed up, she doesn’t know if she wants to be a lawyer, a teacher a nun or a bikini model. George don’t laugh, a professional model since nine she pays her own tuition... She’s ranked on the Georgetown Collegiate Swim Team a junior. Plenty of time to figure things out. The name of the Island San Suchita.

John Bradley, brother- in law, Judy and Marie all in the kitchen. Jerri, Emily and George in the living room it’s snowing outside Christmas Day… Emily and Jerri are opening presents…Emily’s modeling agency gave her a big gray coat that looks like an ankle length Ski jacket…a modeling idea for a client... to be worn over a bikini on a cool sunny beach day… Jerri opens his package, his eyes light up…a TOES ON THE NOSE WET SUIT, AND same brand Surfboard Wax.. He runs in, puts the suit on and is about to run out the door, his board in the garage… when he’s stopped... JERRI it’s Christmas Day, we will be eating soon and it’s Snowing Out... No surfing today... Emily puts the USB stick in the computer,  the speaker set full blast... George and his college group singing RUNAROUND SUE…The three dancing around the table singing RUN AROUND SUE… George still unclear taking on the job….a moment of silence JERRI says the job comes from God …RUN AROUND SUE>>SAN SUCHITA…maybe SUCHITA is Run Around Sue…a 17 C Nun washed up on the Island after ship wreck... This reflective remark from his slightly retarded nephew… George then and there decides, He will take the job. GEORGE dancing…singing…"People let me put you wise…Sue goes out with other guys".

The start of the adventure…So as the plane is descending to land at a small airfield, George is to be supposedly welcomed as Governor, by the High Chiefs not very welcoming…Jerri asks…Can I go surfing when we get there... Jerri maybe tomorrow…this is an official day… I’m stoked, the surf is gnarly, always dreamed of this. Did you see those barrels?… “George no idea what he is talking about.

About a week goes by….JERRI, as usual, descends the steps of the property part of the Governor's Mansion…It gets routine, JERRI is out there every day six seven hours Surfing... He’s in paradise, he’s getting to be a serious surfer…There’s no one on the Beach. One day there is a guy about JERRI’s age... and a little boy about four… They are staring at his surfing activities...in disbelief…hardly anybody on the Island even swims… It’s Vernon and his little brother Tommy Tuperlolo… JERRI walks over with his board…Hey how come no one is down here surfing…The conditions are Gnarly. Vernon replies we don’t know how to swim…. Meanwhile George knows about this condition and has told the Chiefs, that he’s building an Olympic size pool; this doesn’t go down well…The Chiefs do not want change…JERRI standing calf deep, conversing with Vernon Tommy falls, the tide taking him out before they realize it…Vernon sees it, but is awkward and falls trying to catch Tommy… JERRI sees it lightning fast.. goes out and gets Tommy immediately… JERRI thinks nothing of it…”a surfer helping another up”… The High Chief comes in to George next day in tears…Jerri saved my little boy Tommy from drowning…and Vernon was struggling to get to Tommy. George replies the pool is under construction... Everyone will learn to swim…so the pool is built... EMILY and her swim team mates from Georgetown coming over, a well paying job teaching swimming for the summer… We follow the People in this large pool having fun learning to swim.  Elon is over there he is known by the children as Mr. Boss…He is teaching the 5- and 6year olds how to read and write…his program designed to keep them focused. They are told they are working for him, paid in candy. .They are learning what’s necessary to go to Mars, build Robots…Tommy asks…"can we build Dinosaurs"…possibly…One of the other kids says I don’t think I can go to Mars…I  have to be home for dinner at night…Elon responds, if you can figure out how to stop time in space, you can do it, it's possible and you will be the smartest guy in the world… The kids excited, with a vision, they are learning to write, read reinforced by the computer lessons…Keep focused…work hard, Mr Boss is paying them with candy, introducing them to the Puritan work ethic… Business meetings Ice Cream and Cake. ...Tos on the other side of the Island, a friend of George’s, They played as undergrads baseball against one another two Jesuit Universities George, Georgetown in DC ; Tos Fordham in N.Y. Tos has introduced the beginning of an International Sailing Program THE WIFF IN POOFERS; he designed, as a Sailor, Naval Architect, the sailing program, situated in the harbor area for kids 7 and 8. The Instructors are the girls Sailing Team at Fordham… Tos says it's proven, ”Women are much more effective working with children that age, he notes” THE ISLAND IS WAKING UP, GETTING VERY ENERGETIC….Jerri is becoming a legend surfing every day…George sees that…also sees this is JERRI's passion… a little wooden hut built, Jerri Bradley Hamburger Consultant…He’s out there surfing with the CD player blaring out surfing music…People are now coming to the beach…first to watch Jerri surf, now that they are enthusiastically learning to swim, thanks to EMILY and her team, not afraid of the water…George tells Jerri for his beach office   Hugh Speaker. A projector of Surfing Videos, and cases of Kowabonga juice, the only beverage he drinks...similar to his surfing Idol THE SPIDER... that is when he is there. He spends most of his time at Windward Point, Hugh Waves …Some of the kids now want to learn to surf… Jerri tells Uncle George maybe to contact TOES ON THE NOSE…Big contract…The reps come over…They see JERRI out there…their reaction “This kid is really good", he’s got it …He instinctively anticipates and reacts... fast and athletic... he doesn’t seem to tire, He's fearless... He goes back out wave after wave…Let’s talk to his uncle about maybe signing him up...after he puts them to shame at Windward Point, JERRI is now a young role model, he wins everything, professional, at 14, TOP GUN for TOES ON THE NOSE... He can’t believe he gets paid for what he loves.  They told him too young to compete in the World's, to protect him, no problem for JERRI, he goes home. The company recognize he's young and he's homesick....with the Press and All

He tells UNCLE GEORGE when asked about his food diet... "I got nice clothes, but I eat room service. I go out everybody wants my autograph.

Surfing for TOES ON THE NOSE FACTORY TEAM... A TOP GUN...A fine All American Company...Jason CEO  sees it...he's home sick.. He's told a ruling came down, "He's  Too young to compete in the World's... JERRI doesn't care about that...He just wants to Surf. Probably....POLITICS... MAYBE EVEN his UNCLE GEORGE. The Governor. Everyone has Hyped SPIDER CASE to win it.. JERRI's idol When told his reaction OK...He's back in San Suchita. as he calls the surfing area he first surfed Hamburger Hills... JERRI's back surfing the big Waves, his home, seven hours a day surfing Windward Point....As expected SPIDER runs away with the Worlds

So the last on the circuit Nazare Portugal...JERRI's dream...now hyped worldwide THE SHOWDOWN at NAZARE. meaning he and the SPIDER will be going head to head.. Jerri doesn't think like THAT.... He will be surfing with his now friend and Idol the great Spider Case...So to hype it more...it's now in all the legacy press "THE SHOWDOWN... SHOOT OUT AT NAZARE"

To hype it more a week's practice runs...both out surfing 70 ft or more waves...The video spectacular...Surfing mags legacy press, headline stuff... JERRI seems at home, just out there having fun with his friend as he sees it.

After a week of this it's obvious The Spider can't keep up with the kid... HE comes over to JERRI...Tears in his Eyes...He hugs JERRI ..almost inaudible...KID you are better than I. JERRI's shocked...His Idol. There is a Holiday mix up schedule with others out there on the line up... Both ready to attack... after 30 seconds...something wrong...Where's JERRI, a minute goes by no JERRI.. finally in the froth SPIDER spots him head down, there's blood turns him over...JERRI is dead... SPIDER drops to his knees devastated ...a Board...hit him in the head some guy in the lineup 100 to 1 shot... It's CHRISTMAS DAY... ELON knows the family  devastated, especially his mother JUDY and sister.... EMILY....He's cremated in Portugal...JERRI comes home to the Island an American Hero...ELON will fly over on his plane to take JERRI the kid home...Big ceremony on the Island...Now months later...JAKE back at Law... he's waiting for Elon to fly in... they are close friends... JAKE takes him over, into the parking lot...Big sign on large Pole THE BIG KAHOONA... Hamburgers, Milk Shakes & Stuff...They order two big Kahoonas and two milk shakes. Elon says the burgers are fantastic... JAKE says...This was built by JERRI...all his money that he at 14 didn't even know he had...never saw it, all went into the bank... I know, I handle the ESTATE...A small brass sign is observed at the base of the pole... THE BIG KAHOONA FOUNDED BY JERRI BRADLEY>>>THE END

Also another Change... George the Governor of the Island runs into  Frank Polozolo,,, a guy he knew in high school as FRANKIE , an engineer now who runs the power plant. Both immediate mutual recognition George says Frank you still sing...FRANK OH YES...George says you had a golden voice...That's how George became backup with FRANKIE and the BEACH BUGS..."they'd practice in the Governor's mansion...FABULOUS doing 1956 hit by FRANKIE LYMON and the TEENAGERS....WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE SONG BELOW.> at the 4th of July Beach Celebration... GEORGE My proud legacy at my Al mater GEORGETOWN "A BEACH BUG ON A TROPICAL ISLAND"

A wonderful story, no violence, profanity or sex...for kids 5 to 95 my seventh screenplay, more good stuff too much to mention...sailing surfing...Memorial Day when they started the Swimming lessons, the speeches...4th of July when the people started to venture to the beach...JERRI's videos on the big projector he bought...>>>his music on his Hugh speakers...in his office his uncle built for him, JERRI only drinks a canned juice KOWABONGA... Free KOWABONGA on the 4th...EMILY doing her wicked shuffle dance...to energize the young girls into the water.., having taught them along with the other swim team members...AN ALL AMERICAN ACTION FILLED FUN PRODUCTION....for a general audience...Beach and surfing music..