Stability and Trim




During WW2 America was called the Arsenal of Democracy. The war was won not only through the courage of the soldiers and sailors who fought; but, in addition through the cargo laden holds of the Victory Ships designed and built by Henry Kaiser and the seaman who sailed and delivered this arsenal many of whom perished. After the war was won, America turned it's strength and courage to compassion feeding friend and ex-foe through the Marshall Plan; again, on the keels of the Victories.

In 1946, a year after the war, Professor La Dage wrote his classic work Stability & Trim for the Merchant Marine Officer. The stability and trim problems resolved through the Blue Sheets in the Stability Data Reference Book, now published by the Coast Guard, are based upon the hydrostatic properties of this remarkable ship that literally was a major factor in preserving western civilization.

I worked out all the problems in the Coast Guard's data bank last June finishing up two days before shipping out. All the information is provided in these lectures to do the same.

That's what I wrote as a "Prologue over 15 years ago"... I'm happy to repost them when I had been told that they are still very relevent... My philosophy on teaching... "Show em how to do the problems...and theory will fall into place"...Have fun