Sommerset Maugham when describing his work Of Human Bondage, phrased It this way, "fact inextricably mixed with fiction"…My career as a seaman started at five years old on a wooden 38 ft Owens cruiser. I remember behind the wheel confidentially doing a good job watching the compass and keeping a good course… By six…on a small sailboat. I was told, I had an important job as ballast; that every time the boat was healed over, it was my job to climb up on the high side as ballast boy; so I had a good start. I was educated to be either an Attorney or Wall Street. I thought Wall St. more exciting. I did a lot of Sail boat racing in those days…This was really my life, my passion…For brevity born two Martinis too short. I transferred from N.Y. Office to Boston Office, I lived in Marblehead where I sailed... affectionally known as Cirrhosis By the Sea…we drank and we sailed; in the winter no sailing…I was found on a January night passed out in a snow bank somewhere between Matty’s sail loft bar and my digs… Lucky to be alive, I went into AA and never had another drink again

Found by one of my sailing buddies in the Screenplay Jimmy Faye… an iron worker from Boston, probably one of the great foredeck men who ever graced a sailing vessel…Wally his real name, took me to my first AA meeting…similar to Reggie... Another One of my sailing buddies was renowned Sailor BBC2… Bodie Crowninshield… Bodie appears In the first Act as well as conclusion. He convinced me to become a Merchant Seaman, he an engineering officer aboard ship, when not sailboat racing…coupled I guess with Ted Hood.. I asked Ted once after a race, at the Eastern Yacht Club, in Marblehead, how he picked his crew…merchant seamen and sailmakers he told me…Ted defended the Americas Cup as Captain aboard Courageous…So I started out as an ordinary seaman…worked my way up on on all sought’s of merchant vessels.. to Able Seaman and eventually with sea time, many years, qualified for Officers exam with a third mate unlimited license on cargo ships and tankers or whatever.…I really wanted to be a yacht designer…particularly designing racing sail boats… It took 9 years and 4 examinations judged by some of the worlds top designers; but I was one of few to have endured and graduated.. I had a design office six years in Fl. I came back to sea as a seaman during the Persian Gulf War…when they were short of U.S. qualified merchant seamen… seminal experience driving a 700 ft ship through the Suez Canal carrying 50,000 tons of ammunition with 5 U.S. Marine Stinger Missile Teams on the wings for protection. My Nautical website, an instructional site, now known as Tos The Navigator is one of the oldest on the web, a few name changes, dates to 1996 shortly after Windows 95 came out, making it all possible. I guess one other title can be added, maybe Webmaster; designed and wrote everything myself.  So like Reggie who is a sailor /seaman-naval architect we are much alike…Both Reggie and I recovered alcoholics…Story opens first scene in Panama… Reggie proposing to his girl… he was drinking, didn’t go over well, He winds up with Bodie meeting him at Logan Airport.. Kate, Bodie's adopted niece asks about a Sailboat Race that they were in…The crew didn’t show up but with an intended downwind Spinnaker start... time to set up Spinnaker set they thought to give it a go…Just the two of them, did a third overall, first in class, at the prestigious Edgartown Regatta, Martha's Vineyard... taking the entire N.Y. and Boston Yacht Clubs and others to task.. "That Story is Real and Accurate"… In the story line, they were headed to Roy’s Memorial Service at the Boston Yacht Club…That Real as Well, ...sadily similar to my older brother's Memorial service at the Boston Yacht Club...ashes cast off a sailboat in the harbor.....BBC2 was there as well. Reggie goes back to AA…before picking up his boat picking up another white chip…I spent 14 years at sea on my boat... my home. The storm off Hatteras, single handing to Miami straightens Reggie out.. I spent 33 days alone at sea in bad weather from Tahiti to Am. Samoa… similar to Reggie, I made it… We both are familiar with the Hand of God. It made a Screenwriter out of me…I wrote all six. my intention on SOAKED, to take the audience on a wonderful sailing adventure; the scenery only exceeded by all the fine sailors in the story…Need I say more. You can read the Treatment which I wrote AFTER I wrote the Screenplay when things were fresh in my mind. I have no doubt about its success… especially after Covid and this unspeakable suffering of the Ukraine War. I hope in a small way aide in healing…I always get a lift listening to this great Version of Sailing by Rod Stewart hope you enjoy it just below… About the picture... MY BOAT "Scenes and Location in the story line as well"...Both Reggie and I sailed from Isla Mujeres to Panama Canal...very challenging, very accurate sail across the Yucatan Channel....across from Cancun, scenery spectacular... The water color a thousand shades of Green. The lobster feast real just great...Haines will be waiting at Shelter Bay Yacht Club...lining up the Panama Canal Passage.. some hard action sailing before that happens...The sailing action and courses are real...as well as Canal prepararion from Shelter Bay.. and the crossing.. from the Atlantic to the Pacific...artful innovative camera work..Audience to feel they are right on deck. After sailing 5000 miles to Tahiti...Great Rock concert thanks to Lincoln; and Victor's Fashion Show...his beach collection..all from Taina Marina Tahiti... "One of the best Marina's in the world".

Picture above:  On my boat:  Isla Mujeres Mx.

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Inspiring Performance by Rod Stewart