Sometimes We All learn things the Hard Way: 9/25/22

Just out of the Boatyard, I sailed South out of St. Pete Beach Fl. To be honest I forgot where I was headed but when I was a beam of the Dry Tortugas, I was losing all my engine oil. I was lucky enough to make it into Key West...  Needed a new engine. I'm a recovered Alcoholic, 33 years at the time, and made many friends instantly at The Anchors Away AA Club. "Seemed like half the Island was in AA."

I was Anxious to get going with the new Yanmar 454...really ill prepared, but I left anyway. When I made it back to Key West having Failed in my efforts, things were different... I dropped the hook in the harbor not too far, from the residence of Earnest Hemingway; I could see his house from my anchorage. Up to this point all my writing was technical stuff associated with my profession as a Naval Architect. I was always taking out books in the local library. One book had a profound influence on me Makhail Baryshnikov of the American Ballet School and George Balanchine of the N.Y.C. Ballet Company. I devoured everything about the ballet; It opened my heart, perhaps guided by my recent experience, along with all my friends in AA Key West.  Maybe Papa Hemingway was looking over my shoulder.

Recently I bought a new computer going over old stuff and a couple of flash drives (miraculously saved) ...I found a file Short Stories...I opened the folder and began to read both that I hadn't read, the date says 2007. I do remember writing both feeling almost possessed. There was no editing maybe a few corrections both each I believe written in one day . (what I mean driven) but reading it today 15 years after, both perhaps you might agree very powerful...

The story IF ONLY was very painful to write I do remember it was inspired by Christine Aguiler's popular song HURT...same cadence... so I included it associated with the story to listen too if you so desire...most applicable toward the conclusion....THE SPIRITUAL UNIFICATION

Reading it today surprised me and the similarities to my second of six screenplays JOHNNY B. GOODE. which has had a most unusual provenance in its development.


IF ONLY   (Story Download)

Pissen In The Wind  (Story Download)                                         

                                                                                               Key West Anchorage: - 64 Yrs Old 2007                                    

Good Sailing