Whiffen Puff Worldwide Childrens Project



Summer of 1990, I think?….I was trying to get some Z’s before turning too at midnight on the Cape Domingo. My watch was the real deal, sitting on top of 50,000 tons of ammunition. Merchant Ship of course, The U.S. Navy took good care of US….Five Marine Missile teams on the bridge all times “We did not know what Saddham Hussain could throw at us at the time. Keep my eye open for suspicious small boats. I didn’t carry a gun but Marine sergeant ARROW HEAD (because of his haircut) ready with his guys 24/7

They kept us 8 miles off shore so that if we blew we wouldn’t take the entire Emirate of Fujairah.. Navy would run an on shore launch every watch…ie every 4 hours. Of course the UAE has tons of money the beautiful, Fujairah Hilton turned into a troop hangout… Rather preppy everyone dressed in La Coste shirts, alligator and all $3.00 a shirt at the market… I was 46 years old.. I would go in and wander on over to the glass rock tennis courts…made me homesick for Fl. Met this guy we started to hit balls and had a friendly match, about my age. We would meet, plenty of times the way we configured the watches. Turned out he was a US Navy Admiral. One day he came in with this big bag.. I said I did not know they picked Admirals for Santa Claus candidates.. In this 120 degree weather in August they do, he said. After playing a couple of hours and a few tonics in the lounge off the bar. He said take this bag back to the ship; I laughed and saluted “Yes Sir” Must have been, I don’t know, 500 letters from US children , many just learning to make their letters wishing us well and calling us Heroes their love, trust, and childish sincerity; reading in my quarters, their letters touched me deeply emotionally, as it did with many of my shipmates who read their share of wonderful correspondence…

Months later the war ended, I went back home. There was a guy around the pool who would make Balloon animals for children…I learned the discipline. Sailing my own boat far and wide to exotic places.. throwing down the hook and jumping into my dinghy.. Once I started making balloon animals, princess caps and space helmets I was like the pied piper. I thought maybe taking advantage of these materially disadvantaged children…Then I thought NO…I do it out of deep gratitude what I had learned from children while on the Cape Domingo leading up to the Persian Gulf War… Operation Imminent Thunder was stood down and we all had time to breathe unloading in Dubai.

Years later, my boat sank criminal action in Am. Samoa…God’s Will I guess. I eventually finished my 5th Screenplay both in Thailand and Georgetown Malaysia. Much of this story concerned itself with mostly freed slave Children in N.Y.C. and their wonderful education they received in the Colored Children’s Orphanage many came in as toddlers, leaving at 12 yrs old...All could read, write and do math

I need not go into more details here…That you will find on the Link James Mc Cune Smith Project on my site www.tjsailor.com

I pushed back the time table on production on my Screenplay SOAKED until a successful conclusion of The Ukraine War. The innocent children always on my mind…The success of this project will be ignited by the overwhelming success of my production SOAKED.

My second home after my boat sank losing my home, my investment and all my stuff has been S.E. Asia, especially Thailand. In a newspaper article the picture of a little angel about 3…the sole survivor from a vicious attack at a pre- school in Thailand... killing 22 children again she the sole survivor…When they removed her they covered her face as not to see the mayhem…A miracle, she had no idea of what happened, she was asleep. I was so taken by this, the message was clear… coupled with the indominable spirit, the successful rescue of the 12 Thai boys trapped in a cave after 18 days. Most know the story. The organization will be International.

As a Naval Architect…you never re-invent the wheel just improve it. Often Repeated, the politician says “The Devil in the details…The Architect says God is in the Details”… I listen… The project is for 7 & 8 year old Children… build from there… ALL OVER THE WORLD to make it a better world long after I’m gone: US, Thailand, Ukraine, China…”The more the merrier.”…. The vessel as you read, now known as the Whiffen puff 8. Childish of course, all the Children will learn the Whiffen puff song. Hopefully stay in their heart their entire life that brings them all together…all over the world

About the Song: !n 1962 Freshman in the University Glee Club, we had a performance in N.Y.C. prestigious Carnegie Hall. It was traditional "equal to the occasion" to go to Sardi’s restaurant after performing “The Toast of B’Way Theatre and wait for our entertainment review from the N.Y. Times. We put on a 4 part harmony performance, I think appreciated by most in the restaurant. They knew why we were here, part of the famous ambiance between many pitchers of beer. We loved to perform this song. I turned to Frank Morrison, a senior unofficial leader, Rhodes Scholar Recipient… How did we do?... could be better, could be worse. Now thinking many years hence…Whiffen Puff goal not only make great sailors out of the kids, but Ladies, Gentleman and Scholars… With a sense of self-esteem, The Hero is within be true to yourself That's what we teach these kids when they learn to sail...they will learn responsibility and that they can do anything

The Children introduced young before Street Smart, will learn Mental Strength , Accomplishment, Discipline and Character. The Spirit is color blind & that the Hero is in each as they will learn. COURAGE & FAITH

One final word here. The organization run by All Women you will see WHY as you read on: PROGRAM