The "Hard Rock Cafe"....Just 100 Meters on the other side of Canal...Tour Bus Favorite 

What is it About:

This  attractive young lady pictured, is indirectly responsible for me writing this Screenplay...Best way to describe the work, Slapstick Musical Parody?.. Well it's not exactly comedy but their is some outrageous happenings as it relates to the social evolution of Bucky Morris, a work in progress. Bucky was working in billing for the Yonkers Telephone Company; he was whining about his refund of $6.92 from Pizza Jamboree, insisting she tape the coins to the envelope, the Post Office might smell money and he would never get it delivered, a far cry to the man he will become Dr. Buck Morris..multi Billionaire, a compassionate guy,. admired by all. Buck had just won the Power Ball Lottery $750 million dollars. Mary his boss was concerned, not like him being home without calling...Bucky explained he was sick and might quit the job...he just won the big lottery for 750 million dollars; Mary replied, consider carefully Bucky, you will lose your retirement credits...While this insane conversation is going on two guys burst into the Room...The first guy immediately rips the phone out of the wall. The other guy Aaron, is Bucky's accountant cousin who secured his winnings....THUS BEGINS A NEW LIFE AND EVOLUTION OF BUCKY...The synopsis and Treatment are pretty well detailed so I need not repeat it here...You can read all about it just by pressing the "Green" button below..

But what about this cute young lady you have your arm around?... You say she was responsible for you writing this work?... Well my boat sank, as I related previously in Am. Samoa...I washed up in Bangkok Thailand... My visa coming to an end, I took the Night Train out of Thailand, somehow wound up in Melaka Malaysia..."That's what the writing says in the picture...The Church is a famous landing spot for foreign tourists...Seems to be a favorate landing for Chinese Tour busses...So I just got there looking around. Two busses mostly young women from China, wide eyed to this new experience outside their native Country...They were like well dressed, stylish little lambs, not to lose their tour guide who was carrying a flag pole to rally around not to get lost...They were ALL looking for pictures..."getting one with me, a westerner would go far, I guess, on Instagram"?....The gentleman I was ,I must have accommodated at least a dozen or so off the bus.

I hadn't been in South East Asia for many years, not since the days on the Asian run on several old ships...Things had changed...The change I noticed was how attractive and stylish the Asian women had become. There is a big chain store, Watson's Drugstore in Thailand, found prominately in all the Malls. It seemed drugs were limited, making shelf space for a hundred different cosmetic products for would appear, I guess far more profitable... All the Asian woman desired to make their skin as white as possible...this was the asian trend.coupled with attractive fashion. My guitar went down with the ship...The Asian market, brand knockoffs were killing the American market..."You will read all about it"..No doubt I am in deep debt to this young attractive lady, inspirational indeed, this 5 minute liaison helped make possible the story.. Guitars, Fashion, Rock N Roll,Asian and American Culture.

Now back in my favorite Thai beach community Prachuap Kerri Khan...I was out in the common area of the Uttachai Hotel. This French gal, good sense of humor, I guess saw me intensely typing away...She asked me what I was writing, I replied a Screenplay... She asked me what it was Titled...I replied without looking up "Everybody Wants to be White"....She doubled up in laughter... "You can't write's outrageous...I looked up, still laughing, she pointing a finger at me, I must have turned red....You know you're right I never thought about it like that...but that's not what "I" was thinking.. I then qualified matters about Asian women spending a fortune on whitners...Changing the Title to "It's Only Rock N'Roll"..writing this Screenplay was a lot of fun; great music, great characters while tweeking the sensibilities of Chinese youth toward American culture...I think I was spot on...I was applying for a Chinese visa when Covid appeared on scene. I was heading to Shanghai. I wanted to better understand the University Students in China....and how they would take to Johnny Rocket & Wendy Wu...sometimes known as Kiko or now... through her welcomed transformation Wendy Wow..Meanwhile, Dr. Buck Morris a work in Progress..."What A Guy"