The Panamanian One Desigm


Shortly after Cakewalking into town an “inside joke with Taj Mahal after 34 days alone at sea”; when I was still warmly welcomed into Am. Samoa, before picking up a pen to write a Screenplay…now I have six, Howard gave me a vacant office in one of the few office buildings. … gratis. I did of course offer to pay, but his friendly gesture was appreciated, I had a hard year sailing, and had a lot built up inside that I wanted to say… How much I couldn’t imagine. Now I understand what a friend of mine in AA Bill Feis often said “God is in Charge” …I learned a lot from my hardships…and all might be coming together I did however have my internet with Howard, very poor even when it worked.

The first article I penned was about my design, and how it originated, The Panamanian One Design. A very interesting story and how Paul Gaughan and I crossed paths on a spiritual level.

I hadn’t looked at this link in probably two years…a lot of interesting stuff surrounding the building of the Canal and the interesting part Paul Gaughan played in it during the French failed effort. I felt I knew him…judge for yourself

I didn’t realize it until I started reading…that "The Panamanian One Design" was exactly the project Reggie was working on in Panama and became a main pillar to the screenplay in itself…I went away after reading this lengthy link and even after more than a few years just how spot on it really was and I’m rather confident it will fly, and the world will be better for it…That was my goal…see for yourself

So, that being said, just press the Green button below…It’s link is rather long, that’s why I kept this intro short.