T.J. Sailor & Co


 Making a movie is a lot like a ship coming out of drydock. The Captain and Chief Mate, are Company personnel....The Company the owners of the Ship...The Second and Third Mates along with Radio officer out of the Maritime Deck Officers Union....The Chief Engineer along with First, Second and Third Engineers out of the Engineer's Union...The three QMEDS in the engine room out of the Unlicensed  Seamans Union Hall...Likewise the six Able Seaman Unlicensed Deck Division out of the same respective Union Hall. The Steward's Dept.... Steward, First Cook, Second cook and utility out of the respective division of the Hall. MY POINT...EVERY POSITION ON THE SHIP... THE PERSONNEL QUALIFIED FOR THEIR RESPECTIVE POSITIONS...and they know EXACTLY what to do and do it....All credentialled for their position.

Making a movie is the exact same...ALL credentialled Union members who know exactly the job and what's expected of them. "To MAKE A POINT.

The point I alluded too, opening link, all these talented individuals are ONE click away on the Industry Data Bank, on my and other company computers along with individuals past projects...To crew up all the essential jobs necessary to make the production.

No longer is it necessary to live in Hollywood to shmooze from office to office, restaurant to restaurant to find out availability or deliver scripts.... Hollywood has been notorious for many indiscretions.. particularly as it pertained to beautiful women.... Sexual Harassment, This has been curtailed considerably...

So this is the Ethos my company brings to the business...Principles above Personality "OF any type" The agent's job and casting director for positions considered on a professional level....no casting couches..Etc...You get the point... Teleconferencing makes much in preproduction possible.

So some A- lister recently asked me so you are going to change things in Hollywood?... My concern has nothing to do with focus on "anyone else"...I think business perspective comes from being an Architect...Designing  from the essential pieces...The pieces are there as mentioned above, easily accessible Today.