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In N.Y.C in the 1840’s There were 26 white ladies who were the elites of N.Y. society. They got together raised money to build what was to be known as the Colored Children’s Orphanage. The small black population in those days called colored’s numbered 10,000. The Orphanage took in Children up to eight years old…By 12 each child had a strong belief in God, could read and write and fine Math Skills and left to an uncertain future,…Men had nothing to do with it.

James McCune Smith was brought up in N.Y. C. , attended Public School Number Two, a segregated school. He wanted to be a Physician; turned down because of the color of his skin, he went to Glasgow Scotland, there he graduated number one in his class, came back to N.Y. and became the first Colored Physician in the US, and the Physician at the Orphanage for 20 years until it was destroyed.

Dr. Smith had to walk 7 miles to the Orphanage, Coloreds were not allowed on the horse drawn busses until an act was passed in 1858. The Ladies did manage to obtain a special pass that allowed Dr. Smith to take the bus so he could get to work. The children were quite remarkable in the care, discipline and education they received.

N.Y.C. wasn’t a very large city past 50th street you were pretty much out in the suburbs. The Orphanage was located at 42nd street where the Main Branch of the Public Library is now located.

In 1863 the Orphanage had 238 Children; It was burned down by a mob, 30,000 or more, mostly an Irish mob; this became known as the Conscription Riots. Most say Archbishop Hughes could have put a stop to it but didn’t. The mob raged for 4 days; finally, the troops were called in, off the line at Gettysburg, a week after the great Civil War battle sent to N.Y. to put the insurrection down.

I Graduated from Fordham University, a Catholic Jesuit school founded by Archbishop Hughes 1841. Living and growing up in N.Y.C., naturally much later, never knowing Archbishop Hughes or the Catholic diocese was “pro slavery”, publicly endorsed through the diocese newspaper, The Freeman’s Journal…later closed by President Lincoln for Sedition.

All 238 Children, only by a miracle, escaped to the Murrey Hill police station on 35th St. “traumatized”. My business card reads “Seaman-Naval Architect-Screenwriter”. Like Dr. Smith I worked very hard for those designations, such a joy. My First Career Wall Street, after Grad School in Europe.

I started out an ordinary seaman. When I reached the level of Able Seaman, I joined the Maritime Union that no longer exists today, National Maritime Union (NMU) a full book member many years. We were known as Ni***RS, MEXICANS and UNDESIREABLES (NMU)…”Call me what you want but don’t take away my job”…Marched a picket line with my brothers carrying a baseball bat…I not only was accepted, living and sailing with my black brothers, in the union hall, whatever city I shipped out of; but, owe my career in part to a black Union Agent Johnny C. who called me at my then office to man an ammunition ship for the Persian Gulf War…it changed in part my life, the meaning of Patriotism, Duty and Service... “We were right on the front line”… I then qualified to sit for my Officer Exams coming up through the ranks…Didn’t even go to school, studied myself while at sea, exams over 3 days in Miami; earned my Unlimited License as a seaman….What I learned about my brothers at sea SKIN COLOR DOESN’T MATTER…IT’S CHARACTER THAT MATTERS. I could walk into any Hall…New York, New Orleans, Charleston, Norfolk, Houston, Galveston, San Pedro, San Francisco “I shipped out of them all and be welcomed. I was a book member…Green ticket, full book AB. Friends everywhere regardless of skin color.

When I say Johnny C. called me up from the Savannah Hall. I had a Yacht Design office, a Naval Architect…Didn’t come easy 9 years of education 4 exams, the last exam two years… to prove you are a world class designer…I did and graduated, earning that Title on my door.

Later sailed on my own boat all over the world 14 years, my home.…54 days without seeing any land crossing the Pacific to Tahiti because in bad weather “the steering broke”, a weld parted, with two young men, in-experienced but well trained…Yes I did apologize and bought the Pizza….Then I did 34 days alone…from Tahiti to Am. Samoa, a planned 11 day trip. My sails were shredded and my fuel got contaminated…in very bad weather…almost washed over several times but made it…THAT MADE A SCREENWRITER OUT OF ME. (LOL) I went on and wrote 4 screen plays there... Family oriented… I write about American life…My first screenplay about sailing. I was working on my 5th Screenplay in Am. Samoa when criminals sank my boat…lost everything, all my stuff and my home 14 years. I not only was CANCELLED but they tried to destroy me…for my conservative politics… Moral values. No one in Hollywood would touch me…I was known as the guy who contacted Donald Trump’s campaign and told him to call the radio station to get 9 convention votes…He did twice… He got them…and I was labelled by the corrupt local progressives as a trouble maker…very vocal on D. Trump's Facebook page, one of the first deplorables... I had to go…they sank my boat, my home and everything I owned.

So, "what’s the point about these horrible events". I was working, as mentioned, on my 5th screenplay it was titled THE SINS OF JOHN HUGHES DD…. great Story about N.Y. and the times during the Civil War, The 69th Irish regiment, the battle of Bull Run… the N.Y.-coloured population, the Orphanage and its burning down during the Conscription Riots…. My boat was gone… I finished it in Thailand and Malaysia. “You can read about it the Treatment on the links”. I went on and wrote a sixth screenplay in Thailand.

I thought about that and I remembered what the philosophy of the ladies of the Orphanage; without exception, a strong belief in God, and discipline and they will learn…and they did…as mentioned all were better educated than most of the people that day. This was corroborated a hundred years earlier by Ben Franklin and his experimental school for colored kids…They could be well educated and do as well as the white kids… He was pleasantly surprised, they did. “Founder of University of Pennsylvania”

The Ladies, and I take their advice from experience, the best teacher. They discovered over the years that they would not allow in any child over eight. They found they were too street smart after that, hard to discipline…I think that’s what Ben Franklin was alluding too.

Like anything of value, it starts with Inspiration…. Start the Foundation a 501c3 education program for at first black children as starters… (7 & 8 year olds) build a boat house with pool “ They have to learn to swim”… build some small boats similar to my design Stubby.. that boat eight ft long…probably a little bigger, 10 12 ft not important at this stage…for seven and eight year olds to learn, decked out in Khaki shorts… La Coste like shirts with the activity logo…boat shoes, foul weather gear, children’s safety vests kept in boat house….Instructors…Young lady volunteers from University sailing teams in and around N.Y. (Acknowledging the founders of the Orphanage). “They don’t get paid but a nice Christmas present (LOL)”… They will learn how to sail, while they are young, including classroom about their activity and safety… and the all-important lesson “SKIN COLOR DOESN’T MATTER…It’s CHARACTER THAT MATTERS…… Take them to the Constitution Cup Races. Let us not forget our Traditions…America became Great as a Maritime Nation.                                                                                                 SAIL PLAN



If you press the button above, it will take you to some of my old ships sailed on and a few of my boat designs...posted on my personal site 20 years ago

THIS IS: One Time STUBBY "My Dream Boat"... I'll sail her for a few hours... only stores needed a bottle of Water and a Snickers Bar...Now the Whiffen Puff 8

Will need to talk with my Design Team...This is 8 Ft...maybe 10-12 feet fiberglass better....2 kids and Instructor... "Winter months...stack them in boat house...10 boats.".

LUNCH : Hot Dogs & Hamburgers on the grill outside.



When I saw The potential expanded it to be all racially inclusive both Nationally & Internationally ..." I must say met with enthusiasm"