...A Few Good Boats ...

.(Nov-2000 At home-on computer-cam) On the hook in Am. Samoa, having re- posted my links on Celestial and Stability, I ran across this old link of 18 years ago and decided to re-post, Why Not "It took a lot of time figuring out how to do this Internet stuff when the Web was still in its infancy.".A few of my old Vessels and Designs. Some of this material was posted on my Face Book Page about a year ago..

Off Marblehead Rock. Our Prize for Race Win.

Time for serious red snapper fishing.

Didn't take the Ragin Cajun long.

Rock Busy Day in the Gulf.

Texaco Florida "Transiting Panama Canal" Heavy Crude.

Chief Engineer on call...One of the Oldtimers.

1000 ft on the waterline..."At times she handled like a sports car".

The Old Stella at anchor off the Coast of Africa "Casablanca".

Loading benzene...Freeport Texas I think...Then on to Puerto Rico.

50,000 tons of ammunition...discharged at Saudi /Iraqi border." Gunga Din of the Persian Gulf War".

Loading jet fuel in Curacao.

15,000 miles...18 ports and 6 countries in 42 days.

Loading grain in Galveston...down by the Strand... "Had a lot of fun on this ship".

Discharging in Guatamala. "Why 2 pics?..." Well I live in the Tampa Bay area".

Entering the breakwater at Le Havre on the Jean... Harry The Chief Mate...Willie The Ordinary... upper... Bosun J.D. Johnson, AB-Pee Wee, & Willie Varges "good shipmates"

Taken a week before her retirement...30 years service...I was her last Third Mate...I think.

Typical merchant ship navigation station... A fix at every watch bell. Ships working chart and logs.

Maunakai discharge/load in Honolulu.

...A Few of My Ole Classic Designs ...

World Corporate One Design:
Designed for Corporate One....The Program a Failure.. LOA: 65'00" -LWL: 45'00"- BEAM 13'02"- DRAFT: 09'00"- DISP: 58,500 LBS
SA: 1,805 SQ.Ft.- DESIGNER: Tomas
"Crew of 12 w/5 Guests"
Deck Plan



The Flyer:
Designed for Performance without comprimising Ammenities... LOA: 42'09"- LWL: 34'00"- BEAM 14'00"- DRAFT: 07'06"- DISP: 17,436 LBS - SA: 794 SQ.Ft.- DESIGNER: Tomas

Ammenities? Arrangement Plan


The Cub:
"Size Doesn't Matter...It's How You Use It." LOA: 08'04"- LWL: 07'00"- BEAM 04'05"- Draft FB: 08" Daggerboard: 02'09"- DISP: 417 LBS - SA: 43 SQ.Ft.- DESIGNER: Tomas.
Challenging ...Sail the Cub Well...The Rest... a Piece of Cake

"Somewhat sophisticated" in its Lines Plan
Construction Plan