What is this Project it About:

Where to begin…It took me not long to pen this Screenplay in room 46, The Noble Hotel, in Georgetown Malaysia where a lot of we Ex-pats would stay, usually transiting between Thailand and Indonesia. This was one of those occasions sounds simplistic doesn’t it

It took me years to get to this point. It makes me angry that little people can, if they possess the power, which is generally found in numbers, flocked together, can CANCEL you so easily.

My education suggested, in short, either an Attorney or Wall Street. Thought Wall Street more exciting… Maybe born two martinis too short, entering AA never touched a drop again… It changed me…I was a fine sailor; single, I followed my bliss became a seaman. I was one of the 10% through persistence who made it up the ladder from ordinary to Navigation officer on ocean going ships…I studied and learned to Design boats…9 years of training, 4 examinations, the last exam took over two years to design all plans on a drafting board, generally nine and ten pages each, before being blueprinted; in addition to all the specifications, all the engineering and math (Hydrostats) on three vessels wood, aluminium and fiberglass…So I was one of the 1% that graduated. I knew what I was doing. Design Office 6 years. St. Petersburg Fl. I sailed 14 years on my own boat… One voyage 54 days out at sea without seeing land, broken steering gear, I did have two young kids aboard, they were excellent…Then shortly after 34 days alone at sea before seeing land… A war veteran of the Persian Gulf War…I write about life.

So what I brought at the table to Hollywood,  a conservative's perspective, not very popular…took me awhile to figure out things…maybe after 4 screenplays? IT WAS OBVIOUS... NO DOUBT, I WAS CANCELLED I began working on this 5th screenplay. While researching actually an area relating historically to my 4th screenplay. I came across two facts almost simultaneously 1-A classified Ad, the year 1826, in the New Orleans Picayune Newspaper: FOR SALE 26 year old female coloured… strong and in excellent health, 2 children, boys, 9 and 11…will sell separately “I got sick reading that inhumanity”….but that’s the way people are or were. 2-The Catholic Church, was “PRO SLAVERY”… John Hughes Archbishop of New York.`1840-1864. “ Archbishop Hughes was the Founder of my University, Fordham University. 1841, known at the time St. John’s University… ”I was stunned. 4 years as an undergraduate student, even studied the Civil War …not a word…

My first thought “How deep did this go and why? How could the Catholic Church take this stand . It went against all principles of morality? …digging deeper it would appear that there is a principle larger than morality even in the Church… and that is dirty politics.

Speaking of Politics rearing its filthy head, in the middle of collecting all this research material…I actually read 1600 pages 2 volumes, accessed over the internet 1866 at Harvard University online library, the works of John Hughes’ sermons down loaded looking for clues. It got worse…The news paper The N.Y. Freeman’s Journal was started by Hughes, the official diocese paper written on the Masthead that continuously supported this position. Under pressure, the paper dis-engaged its association with the diocese 1855 by Hughes. He sold to the editor John Mc Master… in 1861 it was closed down by President Lincoln for Sedition. Mc Master imprisoned.

It was Midnight, I woke up to a thumping; my boat was on the rocks. It was situated in a bad spot…The next afternoon high tide…after multiple attempts, to be towed, couldn’t get her off…Now multiple holes in the hull from dragging and banging from the water…she filled up and was a goner… "Who cut the half inch mooring chain? I was lucky to find lodging through Mike and Michael…"Michael", significant to Screenplay J.B. Goode. Once she filled to the hatch… swam in, retrieved some papers that were still dry…Underwater, surfaced, got out so I could still see hatch opening; I left and never turned back.

I confronted the Chief of police…I asked him why no investigation, his face turned red, and he pointed up… indicating without words ”It came down from High authority. I was best known as the guy who got Donald Trump to call the Radio Station twice looking for support of 9 votes at the Republican convention. That was a big deal there… a lot of Trump supporters but also Clinton supporters as well. They were always paranoid, afraid Washington would come in and bust up their corrupt schemes. Under the Democrats, Obama, they felt secure…Like charging the school lunch program $500 per watermelon. The food was so bad none of the kids even ate the food… they went out to eat. So that was the tip of the iceberg… just before I left, told if I didn’t leave, from a source, I had no reason to stay there, that I might wind up with a bullet in the head. The paranoia was such, that I was told, by same source, a Meth. Facility on the south end of the Island. They thought, their paranoia so deep, that I now had President Trump’s ear…so I had to go.

Several days before leaving, Michael, a vociferous reader as I, as mentioned earlier, insisted that I read one of his personal books…An old beat-up cocktail table book on Baseball, no cover…my second Screenplay on "Baseball", where a one in a billion to one chance…his real father, one of the main characters; he forcefully insisted on me reading it…I did. What caught my eye was Baseball during the civil war…The Wall Streeters…had a baseball club facility in Staten Island called the “Knickerbocker Club”…Where they played on weekends this new game…It reminded me of the days on Wall Street when we would get together on Saturday to play Rugby….The difficulty that I was having with the storyline, all my research came together and I knew then and there, with all the historic elements, I probably had an Academy Award winner… Figuratively....

I was missing one element. Now off the Island I was in Melaka Malaysia… I needed one book…It would have been so easy if I had a Kindle but it couldn’t be mailed to the Island. Actually this book was in the mail but I couldn’t wait, I needed to get off the Island…The last thing I did on the Island where I wrote 4 and a half screenplays was return a library book to the drop box. My boat was gone, my home, all my belongings in the world in a small pack; but I needed to return a library book.

I was excited I had the entire screenplay in my head except for this one important piece…I ordered the book from Amazon, addressed to a Hotel I stayed at in Thailand, caught the bus from Melaka to Singapore four hours, then a flight from Changi Airport to Bangkok, a train 5 hrs South to Prachuap K.K. the book was waiting...."all that for one book" The entire story was now there with that one missing piece.

My relationship with Blacks, Coloured’s, Whatever…. dates back to my seaman’s days. I was a full book member of the National Maritime Union. (NMU) from our initials we were known as Ni***RS, Mexicans, and Undesirables…I marched on picket lines with a baseball bat, sailed and lived…got along just great…to me skin color doesn’t matter it’s all about Character that Matters.

This entire area of History has been covered up under the guise of the Conscription Riots…NO it goes a lot deeper, that’s just an inaccurate undeniable part… Knowing my Maritime Union Brothers and knowing what I know…It needs to be produced…What will happen I predict…the White’s in short, will be so ashamed with a deep sense of remorse and only then is forgiveness possible.

Everyone was a victim…John Hughes who tried to protect his Irish flock, The Irish Immigrant, who progressed at the expense of the black slave. Hughes opened a Catholic school every nine weeks. The terrible discrimination against the blacks in N.Y. C. the mob hanging coloreds from lampposts, beatings, burning down the Children’s Black Orphanage, the burning of businesses…The frustration of the Irish 80% mortality rate of young children in N.Y. slums, the war dragging on…Main characters fighting in the Irish 69th N.Y. Regiment at Bull Run, the defeat. life sadly progresses, Julia losing everything hangs herself, The 20th N.Y. Black Regiment sent off to war on the words of Frederick Douglas.

The reason why it was called the SINS OF JOHN HUGHES DD is that most agree Hughes could have stopped the riot before it ever started…Even his speech to his Irish Spiritual Charges had a subtlety of defiance. A week after the Battle of Gettysburg, the troops were called off the line to put down the Insurrection; that’s how bad it was

So what is the connection here with "Michael" that I mentioned more than once? Well it’s worth repeating; Michael is a guy I met outside the library in American Samoa. I just finished writing the Screenplay Johnny B. Goode, a very inspirational story. Both of us vociferous readers. I had just put the screenplay in PDF format and I suggested to him to read it. Uncle Jack was one of the main characters…in short it turned out in real life to be his father (That would have to rate as a one in a billion chance) or an influence on the other side directing things.

My boat sank as you read above…I had no place to go. I have a friend Mike. I go up to where he is living.. The only rooming house on the Island…Mike recommends me to Mrs Scanlon, who has a room for me thankfully. I come back after visiting my boat. Michael has the room directly across from me… What I am more upset would seem losing all my research on my 5th Screenplay,  than the boat… Going back to the boat underwater, then returning…the only clothes I have is what is on my back…Michael gives me clothes and something to eat. I brought the wet clothes to the laundromat immediately. While at the residence Michael insists, I read one of his personal, not library books…on baseball which was the subject matter of the aforementioned second Screenplay with his family connection. I take it back to my room. My interest fell on Baseball during the Civil War…after reading this section for reason I mention above the Knickerbocker Baseball club… hit me like a lightning rod; I make this connection and immediately this becomes the new structure of the Screenplay. To sum it up, what I had previously in my mind was junk…now I know how to pull the story together and all its complexity… Now it was Academy Award material. I can attribute this Screenplay to Michael’s forceful suggestion which in itself suggests a strong spiritual agency due to coincidences in Screenplay number two J.B. Goode. It would appear that there is indeed guidance on the other side… This is what I was getting at in what I wrote above… I hope that makes sense…things good and bad happen for a reason this is what I tried to get across.

EVERYTHING in the story, the characters are real except 4 fictional characters who made the story possible…. THE SYNOPSIS & TREATMENT IF YOU CARE TO READ. PRESS green button below.