The Big Kahoona



Both the Treatment and the Script are on my other personal Website. The Treatment can be immediately accessed   I was watching events unfolding in the media in the early stages of the Israeli Gaza War... I had been accessing music on U tube and ran into this Acappella group from U.Conn doing a popular song in my era early sixties...The young singers reminded me of my college days. I thought the college kids demonstrating the war were getting a bad rap from the Press...The Press totally out of line.  I thought do't judge all by the few

Shortly after I was watching one of the Republican Presidential Debates. The camera focused in on one of the candidates who approached the Moderators which seemed rather aggressive. I imagined this to be the end of his aspirations in the debate...and perhaps career ending in politics...So three things came together... 1- College kids 2-Career ending performance 3- and the catchy tune Runaround Sue. That's all it took Creative Forces took over...Took me a few days to get a first rough draft...and about two more weeks a tight script, all characters perfectly resolved. perfectly resolved...

The Character went from a belligerent Debate Candidate to a retiring Senator...much of the Storyline was based upon five years sailing my boat around the So. Pacific... Much of what is portraired, comes from both fact and area experience which I feel gives authenticity to events. In my opinion the ending is perfect see for accessing the Treatment. 

This I believe will be a big hit Worldwide written GP for Children 5 to 95